Enhanced Google Tours

Enhanced tours add an extra layer of interactivity to Google Business View tours. This independently produced but Google endorsed product adds a simple control panel enabling a host of new features.

The examples below developed for clients by Red Wheelbarrow show some of the possibilities of adding an overlay to your Google tour. (Face blurring used in a couple of the tours was a Google requirement at the time the tours were produced. This requirement has recently been lifted, with certain conditions).

Businesses can now deliver additional information to customers and enable them to interact and purchase from within a tour. They can contact a business, buy a product, reserve a table or book a room or a ticket right from inside a tour.

Feature list:
  • Add navigation allowing movement direct to named areas with a tour

  • Add information informational panels including text, photos, video or music.

  • Control when the additional information panels appear

  • Link information panels to specific rooms, areas within room or objects within room

  • Add links to online shops, websites or booking facilities

The enhanced tour layer is part of the embedded tour on a business’s website or Facebook page. It will not show up on Google.